LG Might Unveil Windows Phone 8 Smartphones At MWC 2013

This is big! The Windows Phone 8 party continues to attract new players, but sometimes old ones also make their entry. Rumors have been rife that South Korean technology giant LG may be gearing up to launch a Windows Phone 8 handset, or two.

Now it seems the company may unveil some Windows Phone 8 devices at the upcoming Mobile World Congress. Yes, you read that right — not just a smartphone, a complete range of Windows Phone 8 devices.

As you may recall, LG was one of the first vendors to hop on the Windows Phone bandwagon and launched a few devices that were not only uninspiring, but were largely unsupported by the company, much to the ire of users and potential buyers.

So much so that the company completely skipped the second generation Mango based models.

LG has recently teased its intention of jumping back in the Windows Phone party with a photo reveal on Facebook, and now a video has been released pointing towards an unveiling at the MWC. And boy, does it promise something. See for yourself:

If all goes according to plan LG’s Windows Phone 8 lineup should hit store shelves in the first half of this year. We’ll most definitely have more information on this during MWC 2013.

How these new models fare in the market is anybody’s guess. For all intents and purposes, LG abandoned ship when the Windows Phone platform was in its infancy, shall we say? It was a chance to secure its place — instead LG smothered it.

But now with major players like Nokia, HTC, Samsung and Huawei (plus more incoming), the company will surely face tough competition. Here’s hoping it comes prepared this time.

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