Limited Edition Man Of Steel Lumia 925 Rumored For June Release

Now this is a rumor that will surely not surprise those of you that are as interested in cinema as you are in mobile technology. Nokia seems all set to continue its partnership with DC Comics and Warner Bros.

The Finnish smartphone maker already released an exclusive Windows Phone 8 app designed to promote the upcoming Superman movie, Man of Steel. Now a new rumor suggests that Nokia will one up the hype and release a special edition Man of Steel version of its upcoming Lumia 925.

Citing unnamed sources WPDang reports that such a device could be a reality next month.

Nokia, as you may recall, announced its latest Windows Phone 8 devices, the Lumia 925 earlier this month. This new smartphone is actually a variant of the Lumia 920, but comes with an aluminum rim that makes the set much lighter in weight.

The Man of Steel edition is reportedly set to be released in June both in the US and Europe, and obviously coincides with the release date of the film itself.

Man of Steel is scheduled to arrive in theaters in most countries starting June 14.

No word on what kind of changes we can expect or if Nokia plans to put in anything different in this limited edition device, the Man of Steel Lumia 925.

We will know soon enough if Nokia is planning to release such a device. But if this rumor holds true, this will not be the first time the Finnish telecommunication giant has worked to promote a film. The company released a limited edition version of the Lumia 900 to tie in with The Dark Knight Rises.

Are you one of the countless Superman fans? How does a limited edition Man of Steel Lumia 925 sound? And more importantly, will you be getting one if it hits the market. Send in your words of steel using the comment box below.

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