LinkedIn lays off its entire events marketing team

August 15, 2022

Talk about total elimination. LinkedIn has cut back entirely on its events marketing team, joining a number of other tech companies that are laying off stuff and slowing down hirings.

As stated in posts on LinkedIn, this new cutback of staff has additionally affected contracted recruiters across different locations.

This news comes right as Microsoft, the parent organization of the professional social network laid off some 1800 representatives in July 2022. What followed soon after was the departure of around 200 employees in the Modern Life Experiences team.

They have been told to find another role at the company within 2 months.

But while we don’t have an idea of the exact number of people impacted in this downsizing at LinkedIn, we do know that the laid off staff is from the worldwide event marketing vertical over at the social network.

The entire team is being encouraged to apply for positions on a new team focused on creating virtual, in-person, and hybrid experiences.

This Business Insider report has more detail on these layoffs, with the combined cutbacks at Microsoft impacting almost 1% of the overall strength of 180,000 at the software titan. The company has also slowed down future recruitments in Office, Windows, and Teams until the dust clears.

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