Linux On Windows 10 No Longer In Beta

Microsoft hearts Linux! Those of you that love to run Linux on Windows 10, via the included Windows Subsystem for Linux technology in the operating system have a reason to be pleased.

That’s because the software titan recently confirmed that WSL has exited beta, and will become fully supported in the Fall Creators Update release this September.

The Redmond based technology company has put in a lot of weight behind the open source platform in recent times, even joining the Linux Foundation as a platinum member towards the end of last year.

And a number of Linux distributions — distros, if you must — have made their way to the Windows Store, including popular ones like Ubuntu, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and openSUSE Leap.

All this in place, Microsoft let the world in on the good news via a post, confirming that with the recent release of the Insider Preview build 16251, WSL is no longer a beta feature. Full support means that users will have access to support, and will also be able to file and report issues in the Feedback Hub.

As noted:

“What will change is that you will gain the added advantage of being able to file issues on WSL and its Windows tooling via our normal support mechanisms if you want/need to follow a more formal issue resolution process. You can also provide feedback via Windows 10 Feedback Hub app, which delivers feedback directly to the team.”

Of course, the company also took time to clarify that it is only accountable for the WSL infrastructure and tooling, while the distro publishers are the ones that are responsible for the internals of their releases.

Goes without saying.

End users may not have much use for this implementation, if at all. But it, quite obviously, demonstrates the commitment the software titan has to make Windows 10 the go-to platform for developers that want to run Linux, or test their Linux tools.

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