Live Tiles Will Be Retired In 2021

Windows 10 Start Menu Icons

The glory days of the Live Tiles, first introduced with the metro heavy Windows Phone 7, are now over. For another report hints at that Microsoft is doing away with them completely.

They have been a signature feature of the Windows platform for many a year now.

But last year was all about rumors that Microsoft was moving away from them, for the simple reason that few users made use of this dynamic feature. Even the company itself never built them up, despite hearsay that it had some grand plans for them.

Well, let’s just say that these plans are now in the ground.

We have been hearing for over a year that there Live Tiles have no future on the Windows platform, and it looks like we are getting near that future.

For the latest on the matter is that the software titan is all ready to ditch Live Tiles in the OS. The company has been neglecting this feature for a while now, not updating it in any shape or form in the past few Windows 10 updates.

And now, people close to the development of the OS are indicating that Microsoft plans to replace Live Tiles with static icons in a future update that arrives after Windows 10 20H2.

That is to say, the new Start Menu in Windows 10 will be taking cues from the Windows 10X design, and ditch Live Tiles for static icons. The company has been testing new icons in the OS for a while now, and there every chance that this will be approach going forward.

Not that many people will miss Live Tiles.

For few used them, and app developers also quickly abandoned this feature, which was a mainstay of the Windows platform on mobile. Not so much on the PC, as some would have hoped.

If these rumors are true, we could very well see the end of Live Tiles sometimes in 2021.

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