Looking for a Start Menu Replacement? Pokki Announces New Update

When it comes to using Windows 8 in an enterprise environment, there are varied opinions on whether the Start UI helps or holds you back. Honestly, it will probably boil down to preference, and simply getting used to the change.

While I personally think that it isn’t a bad idea to simply adjust to the changes in Windows 8, I respect the fact that not everyone wants to move to the Start UI and yet there are many, many other reasons to consider Windows 8 beyond the new UI– such as the massive speed improvements found in the latest version of Windows.

Part of what makes Windows great is that it is customizable enough that you can use hacks and external products to change the way it works to fit your needs. Luckily for those who want a start menu, there are quite a few options out there. One of the better choices out there is the free software utility called Pokki. Today the folks behind Pokki, SweetLabs, announced that the software had now managed 1.5 million downloads since its launch.

Besides announcing the extreme popularity of this utility, SweetLabs also unveiled a new version with a major UI change. Pokki is a good choice if you want a more traditional Start Menu experience while still having access to the many great apps found in Windows Store.

Again– for those that feel that they are more productive with a Start Menu, this is a pretty good free choice, but it does have a downside. Like many of the Start Menu replacement apps for Windows 8, Pokki is a bit of a resource hog and can stops act a bit slow.

If you have a lower end (Atom or an older PC) device you will probably just want to stick with the Start UI, as it will certainly perform better.

Besides Pokki, there are many other alternatives, including the commercial app, Start8. Any business/enterprise users out there find a start menu replacement that works best for them, or have you instead decided to simply stick with the Start UI? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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