Looks Like Intel Is Planning Its Own Surface Phone

Intel Foldable Device

Whether you like them or not, foldable devices seem to be the next big thing in the technology industry. Intel certainly agrees, as news of a device that it is working on has surfaced.

Pun always intended.

Yes, it appears that the chip giant is developing what is clearly similar to the mythic Surface Phone that Microsoft has been working on for years on end now. Only, this one features a trifold design that probably looks and works much better.

All this has been revealed in a recently discovered patent, which makes it clear that the device draws inspiration from the Surface Andromeda machine that is in development behind closed doors at Redmond.

Take a look, yourself:

The patent actually dates back to 2017, and showcases a device that has not two, but three screens. And like Andromeda, this trifold Intel mobile device would change its form factor to adapt to the needs of the user — depending on the orientation of the screen, that is.

So, for example, when the three displays are fully folded, the device becomes a full-featured phone. Expand one screen and you get two displays that can be used as a laptop. All three displays in a completely flat position get you a tablet.

One with an insane screen real estate.

Obviously, foldable devices are nothing new now.

Royole recently unveiled the first folding Android smartphone at CES, with LG also officially confirming that it plans to produce similar technology. Samsung, too, is said to be working on something like this for quite some time.

As is Microsoft, for what looks like an eternity now.

Intel looks all set to join in the fun, too.

With what appears to be a really unique Windows powered device.

Complete with a stylus!

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