Looks Like Sticky Notes Is Going Places

Microsoft has, over the past week, revealed a number of improvements coming for Sticky Notes 3.0, an upcoming version of the note taking application in Windows 10.

Improvements that include more functionality, better usability and even a dark theme.

Well, it now looks like the software titan may also be working on bringing this handy little app to mobile devices. Redmond seems to be planning to release the Sticky Notes app for Android and iOS, with a possible launch slated for later this year.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here.

As noted here, Reza Jooyandeh, Microsoft’s Engineering Manager for Sticky Notes, teased a new version of the UWP application that will be making its way to Insiders on the Skip Ahead channel. And it came with not just a dark theme, but several other new features.

Including a formatting bar that enables the stylizing of notes more easily.

Sticky Notes Update

In addition, tasks can also be crossed out, while animations within the app have been polished alongside improvements to the overall look. Microsoft has also added in a number of accessibility improvements, including the addition of assistive technologies, narration and keyboard navigation.

Welcome as all that sounds, there is also talk that the software titan will bring cross-device syncing capabilities to the app, with the mobile apps becoming available around the time version 3.0 hits broader availability for Windows 10 users.

Of course, none of this is set in stone, and the company can change these plans at any time.

But this is a concept that Microsoft has been embracing more and more in recent months, and it would be nice to see all these features added in to what is one of the more useful apps on Windows.

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