L’Oréal Selects Azure For Its Data Lake

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L’Oréal, the cosmetics giant, has announced that it has created its data lake within a private Microsoft Azure environment to accelerate its research and development efforts.

The company plans to combine Microsoft cloud technologies with data integration tools from Talend to speed up product development. The Talend data management and integration software underpins the data lake portion of the deployment.

This will enable the global research and innovation team over at L’Oréal to analyze the scientific and marketing information to shape its product lines more efficiently.

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As the company noted in a statement:

“Every year, L’Oréal’s development teams introduce several thousand formulas. These continuous advancements are the result of an ongoing dialogue between science and marketing.

To bring new products to market, R&I must be able to compile all data related to the characterization and physicochemical definition of formulas and raw materials, and the perceived performance of products by consumers in real conditions and in real-time.”

Some big numbers are at play here.

The cosmetics company is already more than 100 years old, and owns over 40 brands. This means that it has a ton of data to combine and analyze, which includes 7 billion products manufactured each year, 50 million data points created each day, and 500 patents filed each year.

Solution to all this is to pour all these streams into a data lake.

After creating a new data lake on Microsoft Azure, the company is using the Talend Data Fabric solution to collect, store and analyze all this information. This data is available in real-time and the data lake is refreshed several times a day.

This, the company hopes, will enable marketers and chemists to work together, and coherently combine, compare, and share data.

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