Los Angeles County To Move 100,000 Users To Microsoft Software

announced the news recently, saying that all departments, even those that could not afford upgrades due to budget constraints will now have access to the latest productivity tools. In a statement, Richard Sanchez, Los Angeles County’s chief information officer said:

“This is an investment in our future. That’s the beauty of the technology and of Microsoft, we know the tool won’t go away and we will continually get updates as the software develops. That’s huge for our departments, nobody will have to invest in technology that may be out-of-date within a year.”
For the record, this is the largest county in the USA. And several other local authorities recently decided to switch to Office 365 and Microsoft software including the San Francisco City and County, the cities of Long Beach, San Jose, as well as counties like Santa Clara and Ventura. No wonder, then, that the Office division now brings in the most revenue for Redmond.]]>

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