Low-end Windows 10X devices will not support Win32 apps

July 21, 2020
Surface Neo

Performance issues. Microsoft seems to have made some major tweaks to its Windows 10X plans recently, as its strategy for this fresh new operating system takes shape.

Not only did we learn that the OS will be available for dual-screen devices only in 2022, but Redmond seems to also have taken some decisions regarding the app situation on this fledgling new operating system.

More specifically, support for Win32 applications.

This new report suggests that Microsoft has removed the technology that enabled the virtualized running of traditional Win32 desktop programs in a container. Reportedly called VAIL, this technology was mentioned during the original Windows 10X announcement.

That said, this technology has only been removed from Windows 10X for budget devices.

Microsoft is also positioning Windows 10X as a competitor to Chrome OS, with the company making clear its intention to push the platform as an alternative to Chromebooks to schools and businesses that are okay with running devices that get their mojo from the cloud.

The decision to remove VAIL stems from the need to reduce the processing power need to run the operating system on low-powered devices.

As in, Windows 10X will still run UWP applications and web apps powered by Edge. And Microsoft will push the benefits of web-based versions of Office, Teams, and Skype on this new operating system, essentially branding it as a web-first platform.

Additionally, this also opens up some new possibilities for the company.

Removing VAIL improves the lightweight nature of Windows 10X, and it now enables the company to build natively for its ARM-based PCs. The technology was reportedly proving to be a challenge on this silicon — at least on the low-powered hardware.

Long story short, enterprises and customers that want to run legacy applications on this new platform will have the ability to stream this type of software from the cloud.

And the VAIL technology will become available when Windows 10X is introduced on premium hardware that has more processing power. Like those dual-screen machines that are set for arrival in 2022.

But right out the gates, budget Windows 10X hardware loses the ability to run Win32 programs as we know and love.

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