Low Key Surface Pro Launch Event Planned In NYC

The launch gala for Surface RT (and Windows 8) was one of the more elaborate events Microsoft put up in recent times. Now another midnight event is planned ahead of the release of Surface Pro.

Only this time it is said to be pretty modest and low key.

According to ZDNet, Microsoft is planning an invite-only event which is reportedly not open to the press.

The event will be held right before the February 9 release of Surface Pro. Microsoft will be holding a private reception in New York City for select guests on Friday, February 8, followed by the formal launch of the device just before midnight.

These lucky few will be able to get their hands on the tablet few hours before it goes on sale.

Microsoft is also planning a formal public launch event at the good old Best Buy store in NYC’s Union Square. Best Buy will have to do as the company would apparently have closed its massive Times Square Microsoft Store by then.

No word yet on whether Redmond is taking up preorders for Surface with Windows Pro before the launch date. Only 10 days remain to liftoff, but luckily some Microsoft Stores are handing out reservation cards for general public to book their tablet.

We will have more news for you leading up to the anticipated launch of Surface Pro.

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