Lumia Denim Phones Getting New Camera Updates

track for a launch in the fourth quarter of the year, phones that already come with this firmware version are getting these enhancements. According to this report, these new features are specifically aimed at the built-in camera, meaning not only should photos look a little better, the process of shooting the images will be faster and smoother. It obviously requires the Denim update to be installed. But the most welcome improvement is in the shooting speed of the camera, allowing the possibility of taking many pictures in sequence, with intervals said to be only a few thousands of a second. Possibilities, alright. Another important addition is Rich Capture, which improves the overall quality of photos that are taken in low light environments. Always a consideration for mobile devices, and nice to see Microsoft paying this the due attention. And finally, high definition photos can now be snapped. Moment Capture, for example, allows users to start recording videos simply by pressing the camera button. While the Lumia 830 only records at 2K, some other phones like the Lumia 930 support 4K. All pretty neat enhancements, but keeping in mind that December is almost here, maybe it is time that we heard some official details from Microsoft on this? They’d come in real handy.]]>

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