Lupin Signs Up For Microsoft Office 365

Add another company to the remarkable list of large businesses and organizations that have signed up to use Microsoft’s cloud-based Office 365 offering.

Lupin Limited, a pharmaceutical company has decided to deploy Microsoft’s solution instead of Google services. And once again, reduced costs have been cited as one of the main reasons for this deployment.

The company said that Office 365 was the perfect choice not just as an option to provide employees with communication and collaboration tools, but also to significantly cut costs in the next few years. According to Mayur Danait, the CIO of Lupin:

“The first wave of our global rollout of Office 365 has successfully been able to unify our geographically diverse workforce providing them with the access they need anytime and anywhere, with tools that they are already familiar with. At the same time, we have been able to retire a number of legacy messaging systems and consolidate the footprint.”

According to company’s internal findings, Office 365 is said to cut costs by 40 percent in the next three years. While at the same time, each of its 11,000 employees will benefit from the features and flexibility that Office 365 provides.

Several other large organizations (including government and educational set ups) have subscribed to the cloud-powered Office 365 in the past few months.

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