release a series of introductory Windows 8 Tutorials

  • Welcome 01m 21s
  • Exploring the new features in Windows 8 04m 10s
  • Downloading the Windows 8 installer 02m 42s
  • Creating an installer DVD or USB drive 02m 32s
  • Installing Windows 8 side by side with Windows 7 04m 07s
  • Installing on a virtual machine 05m 37s
  • Starting Windows 8 for the first time 05m 19s
  • Using the Windows 8 boot menu 01m 13s
  • Using Metro apps 04m 37s
  • Docking two Metro apps 02m 45s
  • Using Windows 8 charms 07m 42s
  • Docking and arranging apps on the Start screen 03m 42s
  • Using Windows 8 hot keys 05m 25s
  • Navigating the user interface with a touch screen 05m 14s
  • Using Internet Explorer 05m 30s
  • Getting stuff: exploring the Windows Store 03m 18s
  • Configuring Windows 8 with Settings and the Control Panel 06m 03s
  • Conclusion Where to go from hereĀ 01m 09s
  • The videos are very well made and are an excellent intro to people who haven’t seen Windows 8 before. You can see the Lynda Windows 8 Tutorials here.]]>

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