Making the Case: Google is Deathly Scared of Microsoft

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If you gave the headline of this story a double take, no offense is taken.  In fact, its quite understandable, given how ridiculous it may seem at face value.

Google deathly scared of Microsoft?  Yeah, that would be counter to all that we read these days about Google’s barely disguised disdain for the guys at Redmond; it would also be counter to their 53.7% crushing dominance of  the smartphone market, their competitive position in tablets; and their ownership of search and search marketing.

Oh, and lest we forget, didn’t the FTC just give Google a pass on their antitrust  investigation a scant few days ago?  Thus it is that the company has a swagger in their step these days.  So the last thing you would expect Google to be – with their $45 billion in cash as of September 2012 – is scared of Microsoft.

FTC Slaps Google’s Wrist, Microsoft Criticizes Ruling

 To many analysts and writers, Microsoft has made one misstep after another since Bill Gates left.  They arrived late to the cloud, to the smartphone, to the tablet and are a distant second in search and search marketing.  As the market gravitates very quickly to smaller form factors, devices running on Microsoft’s Windows 8 are only now becoming more than a blip on the charts.

So I ask again, why do I think Google is deathly scared of Microsoft as they engage in bruising battles with them?  Why do I think that in their strategic planning, they talk more about Microsoft than they do Apple – with their fearsome iPad, Mini-iPad, MacBook and iPhone.

Here’s why.

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