Mall Of America Shifts To Nokia Lumia 920 After Dumping BlackBerry

Chalk this up as another smart victory for Windows Phone. In the day and age of iOS and Android, Microsoft’s mobile platform continues gaining enterprise acceptance.

Only yesterday it was announced that a leading UK real estate company adopted the Lumia 820 for business use, and now Nokia itself let out in an official press release that Mall of America has made the switch from BlackBerry devices to Lumia 920.

Janette Smrcka, the IT director over at Mall of America noted:

“Switching to the Nokia Lumia 920 has increased productivity for key team members. The combination of a great smartphone with built-in Microsoft Office suite enables our team to work collaboratively, and SkyDrive ensures we can back up and access our work, wherever we are and whenever we want”.

So then, another corporate deal made possible by the enticing combo of Microsoft and Nokia, and one that furthers the adaption of Redmond’s mobile platform. Stephanie Mosticchio, the enterprise sales manager for North America, Nokia elaborated on the win:

“Mall of America is a great example of how all the business features of the Nokia Lumia 920, combined with its social capabilities, can make a great work device. The Windows Phone 8 platform has meant the company’s employees have been able to transition quickly, due to its built-in and familiar Microsoft Outlook and Office Mobile applications.”

Obviously the fact that Microsoft Office is baked into smartphones powered by Windows Phone is at play here, and a large factor in pushing these devices to enterprises.

If success like this continues (and escalates), Redmond may very well want to ponder whether to bring mobile Office capabilities to other platforms at all, or leave this not-so-secret weapon in the Windows Phone domain exclusively.

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