Malware Disguises Itself As Originating From Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit

There is no shortage of scams and other such malicious attempts that use Microsoft’s name to trick people into downloading infected files. Well, you can add another one to this repulsive list.

Security firm Sophos sent out a warning signal of about a brand new attempt where cybercriminals pose as Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit. The email reads something like this:

“Due to a new vulnerability which is exploited by hackers to steal your online details, Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit in 2013 has hereby developed a new security measure.”

Nasty, very nasty — pouncing on unsuspecting users! But that’s just how cybercriminals roll.

The message then ask users to go on and download a certain file called that supposedly validates email accounts and prevents hackers from exploiting the new vulnerability. But the ZIP archive is, in reality, infected with the deadly Troj/Agent-AANA Trojan horse.

Needless to say security experts recommend users to avoid opening the attached files, and in fact, always take care when opening up executable files and archives.

The security company finished things up with a reminder:

“Hopefully most of you will be rightly suspicious (even if it didn’t contain spelling mistakes) of the unsolicited email and too wise to blindly run a program just because of instructions which claim to come from Microsoft.”

Microsoft recently set up, what it calls the Cybercrime Center to combat malware and piracy across the globe. And its things like these the villainous cybercriminals keep a special eye on to use and trick unsuspecting users.

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