A New Mandatory Update Brings Copilot to Windows 10

July 10, 2024
Microsoft copilot

Microsoft is rolling out the mandatory KB5040427 update for Windows 10 21H2 and 22H2 systems, bringing a significant change to the taskbar with the addition of Microsoft Copilot. Unlike its previous integration, which was fixed to the right side of the taskbar and required it to be positioned at the bottom of the screen, Copilot will now behave more like a traditional app.

This update is part of Microsoft’s broader initiative to enhance the AI experience for its users, particularly as Windows 11 is yet to dominate the market share. Despite Windows 10 support officially ending in 2025, a significant number of users have not transitioned to the latest version of Windows.

If you’re not a fan of AI and Microsoft Copilot, there’s no way to avoid this update unless you never connect your PC to the internet. Once your computer checks for updates, it will automatically install this update, pinning the Copilot app to your taskbar. It’s still unclear if you will be able to unpin and hide the app post-update, similar to disabling Windows web search.

For those who enjoy using Copilot, this update is a boon. The app will no longer be docked and will function more like a conventional app. You can resize the window, move it across your display or even across multiple monitors, and snap it to size, offering a more flexible user experience.

However, the update won’t be available to all users immediately. Microsoft has announced a gradual rollout for the Copilot update, so it may take some time before it appears next to the Start Menu icon on your PC. The company hasn’t specified a timeline for the complete rollout, so the update might arrive within days, weeks, or even months.

The good news is that Copilot doesn’t require extensive PC resources. It only needs 4 GB of RAM and a 720p display, making it accessible even on older devices. So, whether you’re ready or not, Microsoft’s AI assistant is coming to your computer.

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