Many Businesses Are Planning to Upgrade to Windows 8

November 7, 2011

indyfest Businesses are thinking of upgrading their old software to Windows 8.[/caption] Also, companies that want to have tablets as an option for computing, don’t want to have to spend an amazing amount of money on them, (iPad) yet they want to have a tablet that is stable and works right (unlike many Android devices.) Windows 8 offers a great solution in between the two tablet operating system leaders, and many businesses are already accustomed to the “Windows” feel of things, and of course they do want as little change as possible, so instead of switching to a completely new environment like iOS, they will still retain the compatibility of most programs and files. In the Information Week survey, 52% of the people surveyed said that their own companies were definitely planning to upgrade once Windows 8 came out. 10% of the respondents said that they would make a decision on Windows 8 based on how much they needed it. 24% said that all of the computers in their organization would run Windows 8 soon and aother 34% said that at least 75% of the computers in their organization would run Windows 8 when it came out. Something that I did not find surprising at all was that one of the main reasons certain companies stated that they were upgrading to Windows 8, was because Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP in 2014, which is just about 13 years after they released Windows XP to the public. Microsoft has also told Information Week that there will be no extension to that date. I’ve said this before, but I find it AMAZING that Microsoft would support Windows XP for this long. This is almost unheard of in the tech world. Microsoft has urged Windows users to upgrade their Windows XP machines before the arrival of Windows 8 just for compatibility and stability reasons, but that is going to become increasingly unlikely as more consumers and businesses hear of Windows 8. I think that businesses should definitely be looking into upgrading to Windows 8. Especially with this release of Windows, there will need to be compatibility checks if a company decides to use an ARM-based tablet, there will need to be the decision on whether to use the Metro user interface or the classic desktop UI. Whatever they choose, I think every business should upgrade to Windows 8 or at least Windows 7. It’s about time. Source]]>

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