Many Dell HP Printers will not work with Windows RT

PCWorld had the following:

HP has listed 200 LaserJet and ColorJet laser printers and multipurpose devices, of which only 34 are fully compatible with Windows RT, while a majority are compatible with Windows 8. The printers and multifunction devices not compatible with RT total 83, and 83 offer “limited support” for RT. HP has not yet released a compatibility list for inkjet printers. Dell’s compatibility list of inkjet and laser printers has only 32 of 110 printers supporting RT. Only two of 36 inkjets are supported by RT, while a larger ratio of monochrome and color laser printers support RT. The printers compatible with RT also support Windows 8.
And an analyst made some very disturbing points:
Limited support may mean that RT users won’t be able to take advantage of advanced printing features such automatic duplexing, said Nathan Brookwood, principal analyst at Insight 64. However users will still be able to do basic printing. Beyond printers, incompatibility of drivers with RT may extend to other peripherals like cameras and scanners, Brookwood said. Printer companies may not want to build drivers on old products for Windows 8 and RT as there is money and effort in development of new drivers and certification from Microsoft, Brookwood said. “If you think about the HPs and Canons of the world, they don’t want you to be able to use your old printer with the new OS,” Brookwood said.
It will be interesting to see if all this can get worked out before the holidays are over or if consumers feel stiffed and angry. Who the heck wants to buy a tablet or PC, take it home and ONLY THEN find out that it doesnt work with your printer or scanner? That would be bad. We’ll keep on it.  ]]>

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