March Updates Make Surface RT Fail To Wake Up From Sleep

Boy, Surface tablets can’t seem to catch a break. First generation devices usually suffer from issues like these, and this is, obviously Microsoft’s first major foray into the hardware realm.

Still, the company’s premier tablet has had it tough when it comes to problems.

New ones seem to arise, even as Microsoft fixes old issues. Redmond took care of a lot of problems in this month’s Patch Tuesday update for both Surface RT and Surface Pro. But it appears that some of the included patches are actually breaking down some tablets.

Breaking down as in this case where Surface Pro fails to wake up from sleep mode!

A few posts on Microsoft’s official support forums show that some Surface RT tablets failed to wake up from sleep after the latest updated were applied:

“I have to press power button rapidly repeatedly to get it to come up. It displays the surface splash screen and takes a bit to get to locked screen, almost like a reboot. It doesn’t seem to happen if cover is not attached.”

A forum moderator came to the rescue and suggested that a system refresh should solve the issue. But apparently, this does not seem to be the case, as more users confirmed the same issue on their devices even after doing as system refresh.

Microsoft is yet to officially confirm the issue, but this is something that ought to be easy to fix. In any case, expect a new update to take care of this problem in next month’s Patch Tuesday cycle.

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