May 2019 Update Now Powers Half Of Windows 10 Devices

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With the release of the November 2019 Update right around the corner, it is time to take a look at where the May 2019 Update stands in terms of its install base.

Good thing then, that AdDuplex is here on time.

The ad network has released its monthly Windows 10 usage report today, with the data collected on October 28 from some about 5,000 Microsoft Store apps that use the company SDK. And the numbers paint an interesting picture, as usual.

AdDuplex October 2019

Showing that the newest version of Windows 10 is now on 56.6% of devices, up from 45.5% last month. But most of this increase is from the decrease in use of version 1803, rather than version 1809.

Other versions of the OS also dipped slightly, with version 1709 diving from 1.9% to 1.8%, while older versions declined from 2.7% to 2.5%, and even Insiders seeing a dip to 0.3% from 0.5%.

AdDuplex October 2019

We also have the usage adoption chart that shows how the adoption of version 1903 was slower off the gate than most of its predecessors. That has got something to do with the fact that Microsoft is not forcing this update on users.

On the hardware side of things, we have the Surface adoption chart.

AdDuplex October 2019

As expected, the Surface Pro 4 is still the most popular tablet of the bunch, with the Pro 6 passing the Pro 3 and the Go to become the third most popular Surface out there in the wild. One can imagine there it saw a spike, with all of the discounts Microsoft rolled out prior to the Pro 7 launch.

Speaking of, the Pro 7 and Laptop 3 have finally make their debuts on the list.

Only up from here, for these two.

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