May 2020 Update Can Now Be Installed On Surface Pro X, Laptop 3

Surface Pro X

Thank heavens! The Windows 10 May 2020 Update seems to have ironed out most of its issues that it encountered right after launch in the last week of May.

As a result, the latest version of the OS is now available for a wider array of devices — including two of the newest members of the Surface family in Surface Pro X and Surface Laptop 3. Owners of both these machines are now finally able to install it.

This Reddit thread has several Surface Pro X users gladly reporting that they are now able to install Windows 10 version 2004 on their devices.

Microsoft has been quietly fixing the issues that led to this, primarily some hardware nags and driver hiccups. The company rolled them out as optional last month, and followed up by adding these resolutions to the Patch Tuesday updates this month.

That said, it certainly was not good advertisement for the software titan. Not when your latest pieces of hardware are left out from your latest version of the operating system after months of testing.

Anyway, if you own any of these devices, you will now have a much smoother road deploying the Windows 10 May 2020 Update.

Microsoft has this latest version of its OS available for all seekers who manually check for updates via the Windows Update option. And the company has also started to push version 2004 to devices that are approaching the end of service.

Expect a steady uptick in the install base for version 2004 in the coming months.

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