May 2020 Update May Be Bad News For Gamers

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Microsoft is currently readying the May 2020 Update for Windows 10. And this release comes after a run of wonky updates recently, many of which caused issues upon installation.

To minimize that, the software titan has spent considerable amounts of time testing and refining the releases before making it available for all.

We are now set for a rollout towards the end of May.

However, this release is not without its problems. So much so that Microsoft took time out to warn you of a few pending known issues that you should be alert to — particularly if you use your compute to play video games.

Gamers who make use of the Windows Mixed Reality platform for virtual and augmented reality applications will find that it will not work. The more than 2,500 games and VR experiences may not work correctly after upgrading to this release.

As the company notes:

“Windows Mixed Reality may not work correctly for many users on the May 2020 Update. If you regularly use Windows Mixed Reality, we recommend holding off taking the May 2020 Update via Release Preview for now. We are working on a fix which we hope to release in early May.”

There are a couple other minor issues in the mix too, as we enter the final stretch. Including the DISM tool, and the IME mode for inputting text.

But the software titan is working on all of these, while suggesting that the Mixed Reality problem is the real deal, which it is working on priority to get up and running before finalizing the bits for the May 2020 Update in the coming weeks.

Despite this, the company will continue to make the May 2020 Update available for those seeking it.

That said, it’s perhaps a good idea to wait a while before deploying this release if you regularly use the Windows Mixed Reality platform and a headset.

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