Meet Tavis Ormandy, The Google Engineer That Helps Microsoft With Security

reports, Ormandy is unique in the sense that he is one of the few security researchers that forces companies to patch their software faster. Which, ultimately, is a good thing. He contacts Microsoft directly to report the issues, such as the one that affected the antimalware solutions on most versions of Windows. Interestingly, he was not always like this. Last year when he found a critical security flaw in Microsoft operating systems that could allow an attacker full control of a computer, instead of letting the software titan know about it, he made the flaw public. In fact, he even published the full code of the exploit. Back in 2010, he discovered another security flaw, but only gave Microsoft five days to fix it. Google released a statement, then, saying that it supports efforts to speed up efforts of patching security issues more quickly. The end result is that Redmond is in partnership with Google and several other large companies (including HP, and their Zero Day Initiative) to fix any and all issues. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the antimalware security flaw that was found last week has already been patched by Microsoft via new updates that are delivered to all Windows installations.]]>

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