Meg Whitman is taking a second look at the HP Touchpad and Windows 8

Sources at HP tell me the hardware team has been busy doing proof of concept work testing Windows 8 Preview Edition on the fire sale devices. Internally there’s been discussion about reviving the defunct tablets or building new devices with Windows 8 in mind.
It also seems that the new CEO is (rightfully) taking a second look at some of the strategies of her predecessor as well:
Layoff notices are also on hold as HP assesses former CEO Leo Apotheker’s decision to shutdown the PC division. Part of that assessment includes WebOS. Sources on the WebOS team tell me that HP is actively meeting with a number of interested buyers including HTC, LG, Nikon, and Amazon.
This might be an interesting development because HP has been suffering from a lack of strategic direction for quite a while. It’s smart of Meg Whitman to take a second look at all their products and devices and see how Windows 8 may change the equation next year. Stay tuned.]]>

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