Metro App Updates Will Automatically Be Installed In Windows Blue

Among the host of new features, enhancements and improvements that are set to make the cut in the upcoming Windows Blue, the Modern user interface is getting some special attention.

In fact, some are even suggesting that this is another step towards the complete retirement of the desktop environment, which may still be a few leagues away. But there is little doubt that Windows Blue focuses a lot on the Modern UI.

The biggest part of the Modern UI is undoubtedly the selection of Modern apps.

And Microsoft has introduced several new options in this respect, and the recent leak reveals that Windows Blue comes with a bunch of improvements for Modern apps.

Blue is said to pack a dedicated feature that allows the new operating system to automatically update installed Metro apps. A screenshot tweeted by Windows4Live sheds more light on this.

Windows 8 users are obviously required to manually download and deploy the new version of all the apps installed on their system or device. But Blue users that want some manual control will need to disable the automatic update option in the Settings panel.

It must be kept in mind that this is just an early build of Windows Blue, so no guarantees whether this or other features that are available in this version will make the final cut.

But considering how much of an emphasis Microsoft is putting on usability and interface improvements, don’t be surprised if they do.

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