Metro Coming On December 6th To Xbox 360

download 1 Recent rumors suggest that the next Xbox console will operate on the NT Core that is behind Windows, and possibly switch to an ARM processor which is now supported by Windows 8. The changing direction of Microsoft’s next-Xbox is a strong indicator that the company is moving into a new Windows Everywhere direction, but keep in mind this is only a rumor. The biggest news is that even the current Xbox is getting a Metro interface, and soon. For those that want to try Metro’s interface but don’t want to run Windows 8 until its closer to release, look no further than the Xbox 360. Starting on December 6th, the dashboard and Xbox Live are getting a new makeover that is clearly inspired by the Metro interface. The new update will personalize the dashboard and Live in new ways , according to Microsoft. Improved social features, cloud storage for save games and LIVE profiles, and more are coming in the update. The upgrade will include beacons and Facebook Sharing, Enhanced Family Settings, Integrated voice and gestures across the dash, and Bing Search. These improvements are just the beginning with a wealth of new content coming soon including customized apps that include movies, internet videos, sports, music, and more. What these apps are based as far as language, I’m not for sure but it wouldn’t surprise me if they used similar technologies to the app in Metro and Windows Phone 7. This is a huge step for Microsoft, as its Xbox console has grown into more than just a gaming device and is used by many as an entertainment hub. If the Metro-like device is well received on Xbox 360 , then the same model could be applied to an array of similar devices such as Blu-Ray players, set-top boxes, TVs, and other related non-PC devices. Microsoft’s future success lies further than just the PC market, and Windows 8 is just the beginning. The age of PC-only desktops is coming to an end and success of new ideas like an App Store for Xbox 360 will only further push this change. Microsoft has recently discovered that long-time users of Windows have seen that there are plenty of other great ways to get to the Internet either through Android, iOS, or even Mac OS. If Microsoft is to remain on top they need to adapt or die, and the newly released dashboard update is a clear sign that they aren’t giving up and are more than willing to adapt. For those who use an Xbox, what do you think about the new dashboard update? Does the idea of Metro-like designs on all your favorite hardware sound appealing to you? Share your thoughts below.]]>

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