Metro7 Brings A Somewhat-Decent Metro Experience To Older Versions Of Windows

Metro7. Metro7 is a unique widget-managing program that gives you a bit of the taste and feel of Windows 8 METRO. While still not the same as the full blow experience of the Metro for Windows 8, it is certainly the closest that you’ll see outside of Windows 8. There is even one feature that exists with Metro7 that we don’t have yet even in Metro for Windows 8, a marketplace. That’s right, there is an app store for Metro7. Is this app store anything worth talking about? Sort of. Its certainly nothing like the app store that will likely be seen in Metro when Windows 8 Beta arrives, but there are several ‘apps’, which are essentially just widgets and there are only about 9 of them but its still a nice touch. The kind of apps and features in Metro7 allow you to play music from Metro7, but largely it acts as a kind of launcher for shortcuts to other programs like Control Panel and various Internet pages. Still, it is a fairly cool tool for getting the Metro look and feel, albeit in a more limited package. Other features that it emulates from Windows 8’s Metro interface even include the lock screen in the picture directly below: While all in all, Metro7 is a somewhat unique interface for older versions of Windows, it is still no Windows 8 Metro. You know what I’d really like to see though is some kind of app that really remakes parts of Windows 8’s Metro interface and allows it to use REAL Metro apps but on older versions of Windows. Something like this would give the marketplace a purpose outside of the newest version of Windows. What do you think of Metro7? Conversely, do you think that the idea of a similar Metro-clone that runs REAL Metro apps word be worthwhile? While I think this idea would be cool, Microsoft would likely find a way to shut it down pretty quickly. Still, I think its a little wrong to only have the App Store support the newest version of Windows, but that’s just me. What about you? Share your thoughts below.]]>

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