Microsoft: 24% Of PCs Are Not Protected With Updated Antivirus Software

Microsoft is good with numbers. When the software titan is not counting the cash it raked in or selling its products and services in millions it is conducting market analyst and surveys.

The company released the latest version of its Security Intelligence Report earlier today, whereby it detailed how malicious and compromised websites are now the biggest threat to PC security for enterprise customers.

But while part of the report is for business consideration, Redmond also touches upon computer security in general and shares statistics that reveal a large number of computers are not protected well enough from malware and viruses.

The company detailed the numbers in the blog post above:

“For instance, if a system is missing security updates or a person has fallen victim to a scam and clicked on a malicious link or attachment, malware may infiltrate the computer and turn off the antivirus software. In cases like this, people are oftentimes presented with fake warnings enticing them to provide credit card information for fake antivirus software, also known as “scareware”.

People might be running fake antivirus software without knowing it. It’s easy to be fooled because scareware typically looks like the real thing. In the second half of 2012, Microsoft removed one prevalent scareware package, called Onescan, from almost 3 million systems worldwide.”

Redmond also put up a brilliant infographic that sheds light on the state of online security. It reveals that approximately 24 percent of PCs are currently not protected with the latest versions of antivirus products — meaning they are 5.5 times more likely to be infected with a variety of malware.

You can take a look at the complete infographic at the link above.

Microsoft concludes by recommending users to install reliable antivirus and security products, and more importantly, keep them updated. Sane advice!

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