Microsoft Accelerator Program For Azure Graduates First Indian Batch

Always a nice sight to see major technology companies stepping in and helping technology startups. The Microsoft Accelerator program recently graduated its first batch of 11 startups, helping them in bringing their cloud, internet and mobile visions to life.

Microsoft Accelerator program for Windows Azure was launched in early 2012, aiming to help turning projects into effective businesses. It is targeted at early-stage startups, and Microsoft provides them with office space, training and mentoring among other benefits.

11 startups (, HealthifyMe, CipherGraph, CloudInfra, Gameizon, HireRabbit, Nowfloats, Plustxt, Sparsha Learning, Whitesharkk and Junior & Us) were selected as the first batch on July 26, 2012 from more than 200 applicants across the country.

Mukund Mohan, the CEO-in-residence, Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure noted:

“We provided them access to our community of 100+ mentors, from within and outside India, across varied industries, who are fully committed to ensure the success of the startups. We provided them access to our vast network of early adopters so that they could define their product/market fit before a formal launch to market.

And we ensured that the last four months was an intense bootcamp, where we tracked the weekly progress of each startup and provided reports to their mentors. The rigor has inculcated a deep sense of discipline among the teams. All of them are now ready to venture out on their own.”

Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure is currently taking in applications for its second Indian batch. 15 startups are set to be announced on February 1, with the batch ready for its incubation period exactly one mother later.

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