Microsoft accidentally rolls out Windows 10 business updates to regular users

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When Microsoft made the decision to make Windows 10 Software As A Service, we knew that there would be days like this.

Whether it’s pushing a software update that deletes user files or forcefully introducing unwanted or unnecessary features with the latest versions of the OS, Microsoft has made such errors in the past.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has made yet another mistake, albeit a relatively minor one this time.

Recently, the software giant updated Windows 10 Home and Pro users with an extra update that they weren’t supposed to get — KB4523786, to be specific.

This update included several improvements to Windows Autopilot devices.

What is Windows Autopilot?

Autopilot is a set of business and team-oriented technologies that can setup and pre-configure (or reset) multiple Windows 10 devices in quick succession. In other words, it’s a tool for businesses and IT departments to boost efficiency.

As you can see, Autopilot isn’t intended for ordinary users.

Now this update is optional, but for casual users who have simply let Windows Update do its thing thus far, they may find themselves saddled with some unnecessary (but mostly-insignificant) OS bloat now.

Microsoft, is aware of the issue and they seem to have fixed it for those who haven’t downloaded KB4523786 yet.

If you’re reading this article and don’t see KB4523786 in your Windows Update history, you’re in the clear.

If it is there, Microsoft says you won’t be adversely impacted.

This is further evidence about the need to stay vigilant about downloading Windows software updates by reading blogs from time to time.

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