Microsoft Admits It Failed To Fix Wi-Fi Connectivity Bug In Surface

There are some things in life that can leave even titans clueless. Case in point is the Wi-Fi connectivity bug that has plagued some Surface RT and Surface Pro owners for a fair while now.

Microsoft has probably thrown all it had at it, but the issue is something that still rears its head. Even after the roll out of this month’s Patch Tuesday updates, several users have still reported that the issue is not fixed and they were still experiencing limited or no wireless Internet connectivity on their devices.

Now, once again, Redmond has acknowledged the problem is not fixed, and has promised a new patch in the near future. The familiar and friendly neighborhood forum moderator, Steven_B, said in a post on the official forums:

“Sorry to hear that the March firmware did not resolve the Limited WiFi issue. Continued wireless updates are planned in coming months, please keep checking Windows Update during the next Patch Tuesday cycle.”

Coming months, you say?

Not so sure that this timeframe will be acceptable for some Surface owners. And for them, the best solution is to head towards their nearest Microsoft Store and exchange the device with a new one that does not experience these problems.

Redmond has already confirmed that it more than willing to exchange the faulty models with new units, and keeping in mind how sticky a situation like this usually is, it is best to do so.

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