Microsoft Admits Some Users Are Disappointed With Windows 8

Emphasis on the keyword, some, here, please! It is always nice to hear details from the horse’s mouth, and even though Redmond talks Windows 8 ever so occasionally, this here is a detailed interview.

Microsoft’s communication head, Frank Shaw, recently talking to TechRadar confirmed that some users had complained about its latest operating system, citing the user interface changes as the main reason of their discontent:

“It is a significant shift. Windows over time has improved in really significant ways; Windows 8 is a jump in terms of the touch-first focus and some of the new platform elements. So you make that jump and you start that drive again to make it better, make it better, make it better… More apps, more hardware, more functionality built in.”

But Shaw suggests that it is only a matter of time before everybody gets used to Windows 8. Microsoft is planning big things for this new platform, and it will be continually improved in the coming years.

One important thing of note is that he refused to comment on the possibility of a new Windows flavor at a very low price point, at least this summer:

“But there’s always this moment when you make the jump and everybody looks at that and says ‘that makes me nervous’ or ‘that change is hard’. We certainly see some of that as well. But we’re committed to building not just for the next month but for the next 18 months, 36 months – whatever the time is on this new platform.”

Right then, two key things that are clear from this particular interview is that Redmond is well aware of the user sentiment and response as far as Windows 8 is concerned. But all things considered, the company still has a very clear vision for the future and growth of its latest platform.

Which, considering how much rides on Windows 8, can never be a bad thing.

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