Microsoft Admits Surface Wi-Fi Issue Is Not Yet Fixed

The Surface Wi-Fi saga continues. Fixed, not fixed, fixed, hold on, still working.

With reports that the most recent Patch Tuesday updates fixed the Wi-Fi connectivity issues on the Surface RT, it seems that plenty of users are still experiencing the problem.

We already covered how the glitch affected the tablets, with several users complaining of limited or no connectivity at all. A forum moderator noted then, that last month’s updates for the Surface tablets improved the reliability and connectivity.

In fact, Microsoft recommended users to install the patches straight away. But soon after affected users still complained of the bug, while all other devices worked perfectly fine.

But now a Microsoft support engineer has admitted on the official Microsoft Answers website that the issue is not yet fixed:

“We are still working on the WiFi issue, you’re not forgotten. There are a lot of scenario’s and WiFi related issues so it takes a while to read through all of them and understand what the underlying problem is.”

Several workarounds have already been posted on various sites, but none deals with this issue completely and most are temporary fixes.

Apparently finding a solution is not all that easy, with various variables affecting the resolution. But here’s hoping Microsoft fares better in January’s Patch Tuesday updates to nab the little sucker.

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