Microsoft Affirms Top Apps will Come to Windows Phone 8

rather protective of its Windows Phone 8 SDK, and this lead to a fear that there wouldn’t be enough “killer apps” when Windows Phone 8 finally managed to arrive. The good news is that Microsoft has confirmed that many great apps are in fact on their way to Windows Phone 8 as fully optimized native apps for the new NT-based OS. What can we expect to hit Windows Phone 8? Quite a few interesting apps, actually. This includes big-name games like Angry Birds Star Wars edition, Temple Run, Asphalt 7, Cut the Rope and the Where’s my Water and Where’s my Perry games. It’s not all fun and games though, there are some new productivity and general entertainment apps coming, too. While Microsoft has yet to give us a native Facebook or Twitter client for Windows 8/RT, Windows Phone 8 is getting a fully redesigned version of Facebook and Twitter that will have better notifications, speed improvements and are able to take advantage of the “live apps” feature that shows you info on your lock screen.

Skype is getting redesigned too!

While many apps for Windows Phone 8 will not be redesigned and re-optimized, instead using the older Windows Phone 7 version, Microsoft has already confirmed the Twitter and Facebook apps are getting major overhauls. They don’t stop there, it seems that Skype has been remade from the ground up for Windows Phone 8. The new Skype app is more than a simple update. Skype can now receive incoming calls from the native Windows Phone call screen, has support for call waiting, and can even switch between Skype and standard cellular calls with true ease. The Skype tile will now show unread messages regardless of what size of tile you have set for the popular calling and messaging app. Skype notifications will even show up on the lock screen. Unfortunately, no new Skype app just yet. Windows Phone 8 will support the older app at the moment it seems. The new Skype version is on its way soon, though.

Microsoft’s Commitment to Premium Apps with Windows Phone 8

The Redmond giant seems eager to shake off the previous notion that you couldn’t get the best apps with Windows Phone. While many Windows Phone users were quite happy with the selection, it was true that many of the more popular apps from iOS and Android often never made their way over to Microsoft’s mobile OS. This is finally changing, going forward. According to Microsoft, about 47 of the top 50 apps you find on other platforms like iOS and Android will make their way over to Windows Phone 8. If true, this is major news and is worth getting excited about for those that like the most popular and latest apps for Android and iOS. What do you think, excited for Windows Phone 8 or will you stick with another platform? [ source 1 , source 2]]]>

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