Microsoft Again Blames PC Makers For Disappointing Windows 8 Sales

Earlier this month Microsoft celebrated the milestone of 60 million licenses sold for Windows 8, which is a decent enough amount for an OS that is only around two months old.

But word on the streets is that company executives in Redmond are quite disappointed with how things are shaping up. In fact, during internal meetings, the blame for the Windows 8 crash landing is being put solely on PC and hardware vendors.

The latest inside scoop from The Register is that Microsoft is accusing PC manufacturers for the lack of touchscreen enabled display. Windows 8 is an operating system built from the grounds up for touch support, and truth is, it has not received much — support from the PC makers, that is.

Microsoft is said to have collaborated with several hardware vendors during the development of Windows 8, clearly mentioning that touchscreen devices are an absolute must.

No point in elaborating how that is going.

But here is the juicy bit. During internal meetings, Microsoft has been using good old PowerPoint presentations to demonstrate how vital touchscreens are for success of Windows 8. According to an insider:

“Microsoft is very frustrated with major OEMs who didn’t build nearly enough touch systems and are now struggling to find parts and ramp up. Microsoft says they provided very specific guidance on what to build.”

The contact further said that hardware vendors believe that building touchscreen computers in high numbers is a huge risk in this climate. Things get even more complicated when people show reluctance to upgrade to Windows 8 because of a drastically different user interface:

“There was a big debate, and we said: ‘It’s not like that.’ We couldn’t afford to make lots of products, lots of high-priced touch. We found people would look at nice high-end products and buy £299 devices instead.”

This is not the first time Microsoft has blamed the PC industry for the uninspiring uptake of its latest operating system. The plot, nevertheless, thickens.

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