Microsoft Again Shows Interest In Acquiring Nokia’s Handset Division

Well, well, well. This is one of the more interesting of reports that have recently come out regarding the Redmond technology company. It is said that Microsoft once again tried to take over Nokia’s phone manufacturing business.

A recent article on The Wall Street Journal claims that Microsoft and Nokia began talks earlier this month, but they were unsuccessful once again, meaning this was not the first time Microsoft tried a move like this.

Microsoft’s interest in Nokia’s handset division first emerged about two years ago. As you may recall this was the time when the Finnish telecommunication giant announced its plan to launch Windows Phone devices.

Since then several rumors have floated up suggesting that the two companies might plan a merger, keeping in mind the incredibly tight collaboration between them in build Windows Phone handsets.

But nothing concrete emerged of these reports.

When asked to comment on these newest developments, a Nokia spokesperson explained that regular meetings between officials of the two companies are not something unusual, considering that both are now working on joint projects including several new Windows Phone devices:

“We have a deep partnership with Microsoft, and it is not uncommon for Nokia and Microsoft to meet on a regular basis.”

Nevertheless, talks are not likely to be restarted — at least for the near future.

As things stand, Nokia is Microsoft’s number one partner for the Windows Phone platform, and this partnership could be further bolstered by the time the Windows Phone Blue arrives. The refresh to the mobile platform is expected to bring several new handsets to the market later this year or early next.

What are your thoughts on this curious new development? Are Microsoft’s efforts the need of the moment, or should both companies continue partnering up and keep things running as they are? Comment away!

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