Microsoft All Set To Democratize Virtual Reality

The VR competition is as strong as ever, but that is not stopping Microsoft from diving headfirst into the field. In fact, Redmond is so confident that it believes it is set to democratize virtual reality.

In a world where expensive headsets rule the roost.

Last year, the software titan announced partnerships with a whole array of partners that would be building their own Mixed Reality hardware. These included companies like Acer, Dell, HP, and Lenovo, to name a few.

There were promises of highly affordable headsets, and true to that, many have made their way out.

Now, with the IFA conference in Berlin set for kickoff this week, Microsoft shared an update on how the Windows Mixed Reality headsets are coming along. Along with details of what the company would be showing off at one of the biggest events of the year.

As Redmond revealed, the focus in on devices with built-in sensors that plug and play. These devices are as easy as possible to set up and highly portable, meaning anyone can jump into mixed reality by pairing up these devices with their Windows 10 PCs.

Speaking of which, there are two categories of hardware that Microsoft is aiming for.

The first of these is Windows Mixed Reality PCs, which are basically desktops and laptops with integrated graphics. When you plug the headsets in these devices, they will run at 60 frames per second.

On the other hand, the more powerful of the two are the Windows Mixed Reality Ultra PCs. These are desktops and laptops that have discrete, dedicated graphics cards. The headsets will offer a much more immersive experience on these machines, at 90 frames per second.

Good stuff.

And while the stars of the show are the headsets and the motion controllers that Microsoft is bringing to the market, the company also has some software announcements in tow. Including 343 Industries working on some exclusive Halo content.

Speaking of gaming, the best part of the deal is that Steam VR content will also run on Windows Mixed Reality headsets, making these pretty much the cheapest option for those that want to enjoy the games and content that is available on the world’s most popular PC gaming platform.

Great stuff.

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