Microsoft All Set To Retire The Reader App

Some things are just to be expected. The retirement of the Reader app that Microsoft created for users of Windows 8, and brought along for the ride in Windows 10 as well.

But with the Edge web browsers gaining the ability to display PDF files, it was only a matter of time before the company pulled the plug on this application. And it has done just that, officially confirming that it is set for sunset, will be shut down, and support ended in early 2018.

For all Windows 10 devices.

The notice actually came as a popup message in the app itself, after a recent update. With the message revealing that the app will become completely unusable after February 15 next year. It also recommends users to start using the browser from hereon.


Reader App Retirement

To be honest, Edge has become a capable PDF reader in its own right, and is now an excellent replacement for opening and reading books, documents, and files in this format. Perhaps not as elaborate and feature rich as dedicated PDF reading programs, but good enough nevertheless.

As for the Reader app, it launched alongside Windows 8, in what feels like an age ago.

It still is extremely fast, and quite lightweight, meaning many users still prefer it for reading and signing PDF files.

Interestingly, the software titan already forced Windows Phone users to stop using the Reader app all the way back in 2016. And it appears that Windows 8 users will still be able to use it, as the Edge web browser is not available for them.

But users running the latest version of the operating system better get ready to say their goodbyes.

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