Microsoft All Set To Retire Windows 10 Version 1809

Windows 10 Version Retired

Redmond is getting ready to retire another version of Windows 10. This, the company already outlined in the updated lifecycle document earlier this year.

Windows 10 version 1809, also known as the October 2018 Update is the one going down.

Yes, one of the most controversial releases in recent memory. Pretty much the biggest flop in the Windows 10 era, as this release was riddled with bugs upon release. The most notable of which was an issue that led to removal of certain user files stored in libraries.

The software titan very much failed to address this issue before pushing the update out, even ignoring multiple reports from Windows Insiders that tested this version out.

Microsoft ultimately had to pull the update temporarily — only to release it again a month later with a bunch of other bugs.

Long story.

Version 1809 was supposed to be retired in May this year, but the software titan delayed that deadline due to the global health crisis that forced many of us to work from home.

The company eventually extended the end of support date by six months to allow IT administrators more time to upgrade their fleet of computers. That is more or less done, and here we are staring at the demise of Windows 10 version 1809.

It will be retired next week, on November 10.

Microsoft warns that users should upgrade their devices as soon as possible.

Though, as is usually the case, not all SKUs of the operating system will be discontinued. Education and Enterprise customers of Windows 10 will continue to be serviced just like before, and receive monthly security and quality updated containing protection from the latest security threats.

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