Microsoft allegedly Producing Windows 8 Documentation for Antitrust Regulators

Codenamewindows .com is reporting  that Microsoft getting ready the technical documentation required as a part of a lost antitrust lawsuit in the United States.

They state that it appears that the company is already producing content as a part of the technical documentation required of Windows 8 client and Window 8 Server by the US Department of Justice.

From the site:

What is interesting is the fact that in the latest public report on Microsoft’s compliance with the anti-monopoly decision against it, there’s no mention of Windows 8 bits. This means that Microsoft has yet to produce the first build of Windows 8 that can be handed over to antitrust regulators for pre-release testing. Traditionally, DOJ has been among the first organizations globally to get the latest releases of Windows, since the first builds are produced by Microsoft.

From DOJ: Robert Muglia, the President for Microsoft’s Server and Tools Business, continues to manage the documentation effort along with additional senior product engineering team managers.

Approximately 500 Microsoft employees and contingent staff are involved in work on the MCPP (Microsoft Communications Protocol Program) technical documentation. Given the substantial overlap between the MCPP and the European Work Group Server Protocol Program, all of these individuals’ work relates to both programs or is exclusive to the MCPP. Of these, approximately 263 product team engineers and program managers are actively involved in the creation and review of the technical content of the documentation, including periodic work on TDI (technical documentation issues) resolution as well as developing new content for the next version of Windows Client and Windows Server.

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