Microsoft and Nokia are giving out 25,000 Windows Phones to developers

nokia lumia 800 black nokia lumia 800 black[/caption] This happened at the Nokia World conference in London. Microsoft and Nokia also said they plan to host 1,000 joint events — code camps, hackathons, and other kinds of hands-on confabs — over the next year as part of their “Smarter Way to App” campaign. They are aiming to reach out to approximately 100,000 developers between now and June. Microsoft and Nokia are going to need to work some miracles to get traction going with the Windows Phones. While reviews have been generally posistive for the Windows Phone “Mango” update, I am still a little sceptical about the value these phones will offer before the Apollo update. It seems to me that the real value and competitive advantage of the Windows Phone platform will only be apparent as part of a larger platform integration strategy. When my phone integrates with my tablet and my desktop and server seamlessly. Stay tuned..  ]]>

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