Microsoft and Samsung taking aim at business world together it seems

Not too long ago we mentioned that Samsung was gearing up for an attack on the business world, particularly the BYOD sector of the market. Since that time, we’ve seen Nokia begin to make a push for Windows Phone 8 in the business through a partnership with Avanade.

What about Samsung’s plans? They’ve begun to heat up a little, as anticipated. First, Samsung started by poking fun of RIM in a new commercial and instead positioning Android devices like the Note 2 and Galaxy S3 as “better choices”. What about Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, though?

With Windows Phone 8’s tight integration with Windows and Office, there is certainly potential for Microsoft’s mobile OS in the business world– if it can find the right partner. At first I was worried that Samsung would ignore this opportunity and only focus on Android for businesses. The good news is that isn’t the case after all.

Microsoft has hand strong relations with HTC and Nokia so far for Windows Phone 8, but things might be turning favor of Samsung, at least in the business-side of things. The head of B2B marketing for Windows Phone, Rikke Rasmussen has stated that they are working with Samsung directly to create Windows Phone devices that are built specifically with business users in mind.

While Windows Phone 8 has serious business potential, its more colorful devices from HTC and Nokia are great but seem to be more aimed at everyday consumers. Microsoft is hoping that it can leverage Samsung to reach out further in the business world, and with the more industrial and business-like designs found on Samsung devices– I think the move makes a great deal of sense.

Here’s specifically what Rasmussen had to say:

“Business is very important to us – [WP8] sits really well with SMBs. There are a lot of BlackBerry customers that are looking at other options, the full integration with Windows 8 makes sense and is cost effective for them. Everyone will be affected by BB10, it’s just a question of what that effect will be. It’s a big market though and there should be enough room for both of us. From our perspective, we will be trying to stay neutral with the manufacturers. We will be doing joint stuff with Samsung, as we do with HTC and Nokia, as soon as they are ready.”

What do you think about Samsung and Microsoft taking aim at the business world together? Could this prove to be a successful area of expansion for Microsoft or not? Additionally, can Windows Phone 8 compete against other platforms trying to break into the business world, including BB10, Android and iOS?

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