Microsoft and Vyclone Offer Up Web-Based Video Editor

Microsoft’s Windows 8 might still be based around native apps, but it is clear that the company continues to find interest in pushing both HTML5 and Internet Explorer 10 – and that includes pushing web apps.

As the Internet continues to evolve, applications via the web are often just as powerful as what you’d find locally on your desktop and tablet devices. Now Microsoft is working with Vyclone to create an online, touch-based video editing experience to the web.

Vyclone is a technology company that lets you blend multiple videos into one, using their platform. In other words, if you were to take important video footage on several different devices or even at different times, you could then bring all the videos together, combine them, and show the best from each without much work. This has a lot of potential for sporting events, concerts, etc.

This multi-cam filming/editing solution is already pretty powerful, but now it is coming to an Internet Explorer browser near you. The idea is to give you a full-powered web editor for putting everything together. The editor uses no plugins and can even do offline editing.

Up until now, the Modern app offerings for video editing in this capacity have been limited at best, and so the existence of the new Vyclone editor helps fill that gap while showing just how much power lies in the web.

As cloud computing continues to push to the forefront, expect web apps to continue to gain traction. We are already seeing companies like Mozilla focus on web app technology with Firefox OS. Then there is also Google’s Chrome OS.

The cloud is the future, so it is good to see that Microsoft is already working hard to get in-line with that future. Although Vyclone isn’t probably as powerful of an editing tool as you’d get with a full-fledged desktop app, it is really quite impressive.

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