Microsoft And Yahoo Battling For iOS Default Search Position

news comes from the reasonable reliable Re/Code, and it is being claimed that Apple might change the default search setting on its platform when it debuts iOS 8, most probably at the WWDC conference that is set for June this year. Chances are that Apple might also open this position up for bidding, and let the market decide. Google reportedly pays the company a tidy sum of one billion for the privilege of being the default search provide on iPods, iPhones and iPads. Siri, as you may already be aware, already utilizes Bing, which could ultimately help Microsoft in convincing Apple to choose it as the default search provider. It is a lucrative position to be in, by any count, and could significantly add to the bottom line and market share of both Microsoft and Yahoo, provided they land this important contract. Worth a watch how this transpires.]]>

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