Microsoft announces Kinect for Windows Software Development Kit (SDK)

  • Robust Skeletal Tracking for high-performance capabilities that track the skeleton image of one or two persons moving within the Kinect field of view
  • Advanced Audio Capabilities, including four-element microphone array with sophisticated acoustic noise and echo cancellation for great audio; beam formation to identify the current sound source and integration with the Windows speech recognition API also included
  • XYZ depth camera for standard color camera stream access and depth data that indicates the distance of the object from the Kinect camera
  • Microsoft also launched an MSDN forum especially for the new SDK beta. Microsoft’s Kinect sensor has been a success story for the company selling out across the country and selling 10 million units (5 million more than expected). The Guinness World Records has officially named Kinect for Xbox 360 as the fastest-selling consumer electronics device, which sold an average of 133,333 units per day for a total of eight million units in its first 60 days between November 4, 2010 and January 3, 2011. What’s really exciting to me is the potential that the Kinect has for full Windows 8 integration. I am betting based on my sources that the Kinect 2 will be a similar device with a smaller form factor that will be more appropriate as a desktop device. The combination of a Kinect 2 and Windows 8 could be an explosive game chnager when Windows 8 is launched. Download: Kinect for Windows SDK – 32bit Download: Kinect for Windows SDK – 64bit]]>

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