Microsoft Announces New Surface Accessories Including The Power Cover

You don’t get far too many Microsoft rumors, but when you get them they sure end up being pretty accurate. Take the recent speculations about the Surface Docking Station and Power Cover for instance.

As we reported just now, the company has made the docking station official.

The brand new accessory pretty much makes the Surface the most advanced tablet on the market, at least when it comes to enhancing battery life and bringing new connectivity options to owners.

It comes with 3 USB 2.0 ports, 1 USB 3.0 port to go with a Mini DisplayPort and connectors like Ethernet, Audio In, Audio Out and power. And docking the Surface tablets is easy breezy too — all you have to do is slide in the device and it connects via the same magnetic connections used by Touch and Type Covers.

Microsoft explained this accessory saying:

“With the Docking Station for Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 can be the first device that is a tablet, a laptop, AND a high-powered workstation. Docking Station for Surface Pro lets you quickly click-in and connect, turning your device into a full workstation.”

The company also made official the Power Cover for the Surface tablets.

We already knew this was coming, thanks to previously leaked information. And as speculated, the Power Cover provides additional battery life to the Surface in the form of a new cover that also includes a backlit keyboard.

Microsoft is yet to unveil pricing of these new accessories, but details on this should be out in the open by October 22, when the second generation Surface tablets are expected to go on sale.

One thing is sure, however — the company is doing all it can to expand the Surface family with new peripheral options. The Power Cover is one accessory that should be quite popular with all Surface owners, as it provides a brilliant combination of usability and portability.

The Docking Station, on the other hand, should be a bona fide hit for power users, business and enterprise customers.

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