Microsoft announces Surface event for October 12

September 21, 2022

Save the date. After formally announcing the Windows 11 2022 Update yesterday, Microsoft has followed it up with the confirmation of a Surface event for the middle of October.

Essentially, confirming the rumors.

Not much in the form of clues or teasers about what we can expect at the event, but the official website only contains a colorful remake of the stock Windows 11 wallpaper with the handwritten text that simply says “Save the date”.

Save the Date

But we don’t have to guess too hard, as it is pretty much safe to assume that the invites are for the company’s annual hardware event that it hosts each fall.

Only this year, it marks the ten years since the unveiling of the original Surface Pro tablet that was powered by Windows 8. So, in that sense, this makes for a rather special gathering for Redmond as it marks the tenth-year anniversary for its popular line of hardware devices.

According to rumors, the company wants to celebrate this in style.

An indication of which we already got with the funky teaser image above.

Further rumors claim that Microsoft will show the 9th generation Surface Pro with Intel and ARM processors, essentially merging the line. There is also a 5th generation Surface Laptop in the mix, and possibly a long overdue Surface Studio refresh.

Amidst all these unveils are bound to be a selection of new accessories — the usual.

Of course, Microsoft is keen to keep all the details under a veil until the event, but as is the norm, we are starting to get leaks about what is cooking behind the walls of Redmond. We will, obviously, have to wait until the middle of October to find the details.

The event will kick off on October 12, 2022 at 10 am ET/ 7 am PT / 2 pm GMT.

It will be streamed lived on its official website.

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